TronICO – TRC20 token presale (ICO & IDO) plugin



TronICO – TRC20 token presale (ICO & IDO) plugin for WordPress
You can easily presale the TRC20 token projects you create with TronICO. TronICO contains a presale contract and works by deploying it on the blockchain network.

Important note:
A 3% service commission is charged for each sale. In other words, when you make a sale of 1 TRX, a TRX service commission of 0.03 will be allocated to us.

Why are we deducting 3% service commission?
Because we will keep the contracts up to date and secure, and we will develop new contracts. We will enable you to pre-sell in many different ways. In addition, when you buy our product, you can create unlimited pre-sales. You pay a fee every time you want to create a pre-sale on sites that provide this type of service. Therefore, our add-on is always more advantageous.