Huddle – Event booking & Ticketing NEXT.JS, Strapi



Huddle is an event booking and ticketing application built using NEXT.JS and Strapi. It allows users to browse and search for upcoming events, view detailed information and photos, and purchase tickets. It also provides a user-friendly interface for event organizers to manage their events and sell tickets. With the power of Strapi and NEXT.JS, it provides a fast, secure, and scalable way to manage event listings and ticket sales. Users can easily find and book events, as well as manage their tickets all in one place. And organizers can use the platform to promote their events and sell tickets to a large audience with ease.

Main Features

  • Next.js 13 & Strapi 4.6
  • Multiple categories for event listings
  • All property listings fetching from Strapi backend
  • Able to add the external link for buying events
  • All blog posts fetching from Strapi backend
  • Working contact form
  • Online documentation