Anftiz – NFT Marketplace HTML Template



N.B: 19+ Homepage style, 4 Awesome NFT Landingpages and 110+ inner pages. Anftiz – is a full-fledged NFT or Digital assets marketplace HTML template. It is suitable for selling NFTs, non-fungible tokens, Digital Arts, Digital Music & All types of Digital Assets. You can create, sell & collect NFTs or digital assets through this website. It is very nicely designed with better UX and modern features also coded with the latest technology. The user-friendly Interface functionality of Enftomark allows people to get acquainted with NFT in detail and buy from one of their purposes. Anyone can easily collect, sell & buy digital assets or arts via cryptocurrencies (like BSC, Matic, Ethereum Based). The uniqueness of the modern look and feel of EnftoMark will take your business to the next level.

Build with HTML5 With CSS3
Dynamic Swiper Carousel
Font Awesome Used
Google Font Used
Light case Used
Google Map
Eye-Catching Design
W3C Valid Code